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Childhood Stories: Conceptions, Connections, and Contestations

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Pick one of your favorite childhood stories and explain how the story shows examples of conceptions (ecological knowledge), connections (solidarity of community ties), and contestations (political strategy).

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Childhood Stories:

Childhood stories such as the princess and the pea are some of the interesting childhood memory which can be funny, Poignant or life changing. These stories are usually fitted with examples of conceptions, connections and contestations which played part in ensuring that the story remained to be interesting to the target group who were the children.

Why the flamingo has a long neck is an example of a childhood story with various aspects that can assist in deriving conception which is an ecological knowledge, connections which displays solidarity and community ties and contestation. The story is about how the crocodile fooled the flamingo that he had a tooth ache which left him in too much pain. The crocodile later asked for help from the flamingo to check the tooth whereby the crocodile ...

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The conception, connections and contestations for childhood stories are examined.