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American Culture, Diffusion & Cultural Relativism

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In general, sociology is the systematic study of human groups and social behavior. As an individual, part of the overall human group and society, you will assert your focus on learning a sociological perspective of the dynamics of societies. You will want to gain an understanding of the ways in which sociology affects you as an individual and society as a whole. As a team member working for a business leader, you have been asked to compile research processes, within the field of sociology, that organize or affect society. This research will provide relevant information regarding the society in which you reside and the company for which you work. Sociological research is a critical component for understanding social behavior, resolving social problems, and creating public policy.

TASK: The United States is mixed with various cultures. Using discussion and critical thinking, demonstrate your understanding of the following concepts: culture, cultural diffusion, and cultural relativism. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (6-8 slides) with an accompanying notes section. Prepare a presentation which addresses the above-listed items.

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The solution discusses culture, cultural diffusion & cultural relativism in an American setting. From a sociological viewpoint, race & ethnicity is discussed & how these concepts affect or create culture. With the idea of sociological imagination, the self is placed within society and using the dynamics in place, the creation of individual & group indentity via shared culture is clarified. The solution seeks to help in creating a powerpoint presentation on the subject matter, hence a text guide is provided to create an 8-slide presentation with an extensive discussion on the subject matter. The Guide is written in APA format so a reference is also included. A terminology guide is also included to clarify some terminologies used in the guide as well as a folder of images that can be used in the final powerpoint presentation or an essay.

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Dear Student,
I created 3 components in this solution for you. The main one is a powerpoint guide detailing the Text contents of 8 powerpoint slides - the discussions, concepts & ideas presented there answer the posting you have presented according to what is asked of you to do. The second is a quick guide on the text-slide solution : the contents & topic of each section & aims detailed concisely. The third is a zipped folder of a few images you can use when creating your powerpoint presentation using the text guide & the notes. if you have any questions on the solution just send me a message. Below is the text version of the powerpoint guide. The word attachment though is a much better version. Note that the presentation guide uses APA guidelines. Good luck!

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Slide 1

Text: A Sociological Imagination

Sociology is the social science that deals with the systematic study of society. America today is a dynamic nation wherein the only constant & sure event one can foresee is continued dynamic change. Ours is nation of various peoples- a melting pot of culture, beliefs & ideas. America no doubt has come far from its beginnings as a collection of British Colonies to its' current status as a Global Power. What unites us? What makes this country tick? Why, despite the obvious differences between its people & the various tension points when cultures clash we continue on as a nation? How does politics work? What are the structures & social Agencies that hold this nation together? To answer that we need to employ what social scientists term as 'sociological imagination' - to see beyond the self and look at how social groups relate & how they affect each other while employing philosophies & theories to inform our understanding. Sociological Imagination will allow us to link individual experiences to social institutions & situate it in the whole human experience - its place in history.

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Text: Social Groups & the Question of Race & Ethnicity

Race is the 'physical & genetic' division of the human race according to characteristics that can easily be ascertain with one's physical appearance, and increasingly - DNA. Dividing human beings according to 'Race' had been practiced since ancient times & had been effective at 'pigeonholing' global social groups. Today however, it is a debatable area. If we are all Homo Sapiens Sapien then aren't we all the same? Isn't race just a socially constructed meaning that ...

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