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    Co-provider families

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    Describe one advantage and one disadvantage associated with co-provider families.

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    One of the most important benefits that co-provider bring to families with children is monetary. Not only do co-provider families increase the total family resources available to children but families with a working woman may devote a higher proportion of their resources to children than families with a male breadwinner. International surveys have found that "women consistently contribute a higher percentage of their income to household maintenance than do men." Among low- income populations, children's nutritional status is often more closely connected to the percent of family income earned by the mother than to the absolute income of the family. And at higher economic levels, a wife's employment frequently makes a critical difference in children's educational options. There is an added advantage in the blurring of stereotypical gender roles. It turns out that women's yearning to engage in productive work and men's desire to participate in child rearing were not extinguished during the sway of the male ...

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    This solution describes one advantage and one disadvantage associated with co-provider families.