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Advocating for the Homeless

This is a 2000 word paper and this is the only part I need help on. Address the issue of advocacy in the human services field.

Choose a specific population to write about: my population is the homeless.

Include a personal perspective on how you as an advocate may assist with problems such as housing, treatment, short- and long-term medical care, education, probation, and domestic violence

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Dear Student,
Hello. You may recall that I have previously written a solution for you on this very topic (advocacy) wherein I suggested the topic of homelessness as among the 3 you could focus on. Therefore, since this is a personal perspective view, this has to be a personal reflection and assessment of how you can advocate. Since it is only a part of your paper, and I shall assume that your paper is divided into 4 parts (introduction, body, analysis, conclusion - wherein this part should be part of the body or the analysis due to its reflective nature, I think that the word count should be limited to about 600 so as to leave space for the other parts. This reflection is based on general observation and student capacity for advocacy. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for using Brainmass and good luck with your paper.

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Personal Perspective: Advocating for the Homeless

I have chosen to advocate for the homeless because I feel that homelessness is probably one of the most difficult positions a person or a family can find themselves in. Due to the recent crash of the US Sub-prime market, the recession that resulted led to many people losing their homes. For example, just 40 miles east of Los Angeles on a section of waste ground tents have come to be erected all over occupied by families and people once owning and living in good homes. A number of these people have steady jobs but the ...

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The solution is an 830-word essay that is written to present and explain the importance of advocating for the homeless population and for the social issue of homelessness. Included in the discussion are advocacy areas in which personal participation can prove effective including disseminating information to campaign for government and civic response to homeless issue like re-housing, medical and general welfare assistance. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.