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How Factors of Race Can Shape One's Identity

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Discuss the factors that shape the identity of persons of color.

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Before tackling the statement by focusing on "persons of colour," first examine what are the general factors that shape the identity of any individual regardless of race.

Every individual's identity is constructed differently and is influenced differently. Examine sub-components of identity. These are as follows:

-Individual identity which usually consists of personality, gender, sex, and character formation
-Collective identity which usually consists of cultural, ethnic, and social identity formation

I say "usually" because the formation of identity is fluid; it is by no means concrete. It can also change over time depending on social and environmental changes.

There are scholastic arguments that individuals and groups have multiple identities. First, define what "identity" is after the introduction of your assignment. Explain what it is (and, if permitted, ...

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This solution will examine the factors that shape the identity of persons of color particularly in the First World.

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