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Examples of People Who Challenged Authority In History

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How did leaders in history exemplify or display challenges to authority?

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Here is an outline of some figures who challenged authority.

Not all the leaders in the Willis book were involved in challenging authority. FDR, Napoleon, King David, Pope John XXIII, or Borgia were authorities. They did not challenge authority, but were challenged by those opposed to them. One can argue that Napoleon, since he was the heir to the French revolution, challenged the royal government of Louis. FDR, in seeing the collapse of the American economy, sought to radically restructure the federal government to assist the needy. King David was nearly killed by Saul because he was chosen King of Israel after Saul sinned. Nevertheless, these were not so much direct challenges to authority but the use of authority and power to bring about a reform in the system.
Ross Perot cannot be called a challenger to authority, since he was a successful businessman in the established, American capitalist system. Even Martha Graham, while occasionally opposed by more traditional dancers and choreographers, was well funded and celebrated even in her lifetime. Carl Stotz was the founder of little league baseball. There is no direct challenge to authority here, but rather, Stotz filled a void in American sports by creating ...

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How the leaders in history exemplifies and displays challenges to authority are determined.

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