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Is Civil Disobedience Justifiable?

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Is it justifiable for an individual to disobey the legitimate authority of the state? If so, how can a society hold itself together and offer protection against lawbreakers? If not, how can individual liberty be preserved in the face of governmental control? Under what circumstances would you be willing to violate the law?

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It is justifiable for an individual to disobey the legitimate authority of the state. However, this is only true if there is a higher authority that one is ultimately accountable to. In other words there is an absolute moral authority by which humans should order their lives. This authority should serve as the standard by which all choices are determined to be right or wrong.
A historical example would be the American Revolution. The revolutionaries explained that while King George's authority was genuine and legitimate, because his authority was contradicting the authority of nature and nature's God, they had the right and ...

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When is civil disobedience justified? This solution examines this question and discusses several historical and present day examples of civil disobedience. Over 400 words of original text based on the author's observations. No sources were used for this solution.

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In "Civil Disobedience" Henry Thoreau states, "you serve your country poorly if you do so by suppressing your conscience in favor of the law ? your country needs consciences more than it needs conscienceless robots." What does he mean by that? Do you agree with his premise? Is civil disobedience ever right?

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