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The Important Roles of Grandparents in the Family

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Discuss the different roles that grandparents play in a family.

Explain the relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of grandparents assuming parenting roles for their grandchildren.

What types of resources need to be in place for the grandparents?

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One very important role that grandparents play in a family, is the role of very wise and experienced leaders. This is due to the fact that most grandparents have accumulated a great deal of wisdom and knowledge truly years, which makes these individuals veritable fountains of knowledge and wisdom that can be passed along to their children, as well as their grandchildren. These individuals serve as leaders who lead by example, due to the fact that the customs and mores, as well as the social, marital, and financial stability of these individuals provides a model for which there children and grandchildren can learn from. Grandparents also serve the role of mediator within families, due to the fact that when there are family disputes, as there are many times are within families, the ...

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This solution describes the important roles that grandparents play in the family.

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Hypothesis Testing on Grandparent Roles

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Two independent (unrelated) sample groups of parents and grandparents were recruited. A total of 105 young adult parents, between the ages of 21 and 40 years, participated in this study. A total of 105 middle-aged and older grandparents, ranging in age from 36 to 84 years (M = 64 years) also participated in this study. This group is defined as grandparents of any age, sex or race who are:
a. not serving as a primary caregiver to their grandchildren
b. residing in a separate household from their grandchildren
c. living with a one-hour drive, or 50 miles, from their grandchildren.

The grandparent participants were more likely than young adult parents to rank the roles of religious guide and family historian as important. Also, grandparents were more likely than parents to rank the role of playmate as important to initiate with young grandchildren.

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