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Relationship of grandparents

After reading the transcript "Grandparents," discuss the different roles that grandparents play in a family. Explain the relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren.

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After reading the transcript, "Grandparents," the different roles that grandparents play in a family are definitely changing as family dynamics have shifted, making more grandparents raise grandchildren without the help of the kids' birth parents currently. According to Dr. Thomas Berry Brazelton from the transcript, families are seeking "traditional sources of support," thus, more grandparents are actively assuming the role of parents for their grand-kids, as in the case of Shirley Washington, grandmother, age 66, who accepted primary caregiving for her grand-kids from the transcript scenario. In fact, the transcript further reveals that "There are now approximately a-million-and-a-half children who are living with ...

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Shifts in the relationship between grandparents with their grandchildren are currently examined using research reviews and notes to briefly demonstrate this familial connection. 300 words are integrated for guidance.