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Social influences on the health of our bodies

Human bodies/social bodies:
We usually think of our bodies as personal and their health and fitness levels as the result of genetics (luck!) and our individual activities (nutrition, exercise, medical care, etc.). What, then, do Freund, McGuire, and Podhurst (in "Health, Illness, and the Social Body") mean by the claim that, "The very condition of our bodies...depends not on luck but on social circumstances."

Sickening issues:
Freund, McGuire, and Podhurst suggest that, "Time is socially organized, and the ability to schedule time and to manage it is socially distributed" (Health, Illness, and the Social Body, page 97), and they claim that control over time represents a kind of power that is particularly exercised in the work environment. What do they mean by this? How does the social distribution of control over "time" affect your life (and the lives of those around you) and especially your health?

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Time is socially organized. There are several social actions, relations and events that are related to time. For instance, if a person usually drives his daughter to school at 7:45 am, then it is expected by many people with whom he is in contact that he will drive his daughter to school at the prefixed time. The ability of the person to schedule time and to manage it is socially distributed. If ...

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