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    History of Psychology Resources

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    I am having trouble finding resources in order to fill out the attached document. I just need help with finding the objective, causal, and experimental resources for the following psychologists (in the attached document).

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    I think that the rating of these scientists will be subjective in a sense that based on the following materials, you will have to decide whether or not they meet the highest or lowest marks in a particular criteria. Before rating however, it is best to understand what you need to do. In the Objective section, you are going to ask if the scientists had been objective. How do you do that? You will have to read his biography and look at the process of his studies/his methods and decide whether or not he had been objective or subjective. You will defend your position in the 'remarks' section. As for Causal, I do believe it is still related to process; additionally I think it is all about observation being that cause can mostly likely be discerned from observation. Did the scientists seek causal elements in his study? Defend your mark in the remarks section. Lastly, the experimental element is all about the process of study once again - did the scientist ...

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    The solution provides advise, information and assistance in tackling the problem of ranking, according to categories (objective, causal, and experimental) the work of the following scientists: