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Essentialist or Contructivist Views of "Anatomy is Destiny".

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Please discuss the statement "Anatomy is Destiny." Do you agree or disagree? why? Be sure to define and explain your position as either essentialist or constructivist. Is there any way to transcend this divide?

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The statement "Anatomy is Destiny" was first coined by S. Freud and refers to the adolescent years. By this, he meant that one's gender will determine the personality traits that person will possess. Freud believed that women felt as though they were failed "boys" and that is what made them the "softer" of the sexes. Freud believed that a man's sex drive is what made him a man. It is what determines how he acts towards others and what he feels. However, it is said that much of this theory is "out of ...

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What does the statement "Anatomy is Destiny" mean. Essentialist and constructivist views of the statement and whether or not there can be some middle ground.