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Henry Giroux and Democratic Education

Explain how the theories of Henry Giroux are related to Democratic Education.

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American academic Henry Giroux's work emerged in the 1980s during the period of (re-) invigorated economic liberalism and social conservatism on both sides of the Atlantic. As such, Giroux's writings often take on a strident, oppositional tone, inveighing against not only the traditional intransigence of the educational system but the new prestige given to the values of competition, efficiency and performance that have merged with the existing normative infrastructure and resulted in a pervasive, distinct authoritarianism. He describes the climate of the 1980s in such a way that it could presciently apply now, twenty-odd years later, by writing,

"(W)hat is at a newly created public philosophy that defines citizenship in a public an unproblematic social practice sanctioned through an appeal to an equally uncritical reading of America's cultural heritage. What ...

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The solution discusses the theories of Henry Giroux and their relationship to society and democratic education. Other theorists are also briefly discussed as related to Giroux and his beliefs. The text contains 500 words.