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    Please provide assistance by helping evaluate the quality of adult education blogs by considering the influence of the blogs, materials or resources sited, blog activity, depth of the content and the usefulness of the blogs (both local and international blogs).

    Then to reflect on the following questions:

    Do blogs help to enhance your learning about educational topics? If so, how? If not, why not?
    Do the blogs increase your confidence in knowing your subject matter?
    How comfortable are you with becoming a member of a blogging community?
    What are your experiences posting on the international blogging sites with people from other cultures?

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    I am going to choose three blogs about education and give you my impressions. You can go to them and see what you think to modify or change the impressions to your focus or knowledge. I left a lot of the last four questions, specifically the last two, for you to address.

    More, Different, Better is an adult education blog that is hosted by the National Voice for Lifelong Learning (NIACE). It host bloggers of all types and focuses much of its blogs on adults who need to learn to be better employed and for those who are immigrants wanting to learn. The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education is based in the UK and works to help bring understanding to the economic impacts on adults and adult learning. The blogs are timely and can translate to issues of adult learning and adult learning needs almost anywhere. Though it is not an American blog site, it does answer some arguments in favor of continued lifelong learning. Literacy, apprenticeships, and workplace issues are primary, but the articles are also arguments that people from all places and all social levels can use.

    The Learning Age is a blog that addresses ...

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    This solution provides a review of three education blogging sites and how these types of sites can help an educator.