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Changing Family

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What are some differences in family since the 1950's to the present? An explanation of why this occurred. Compare and contrast the differences in marriage and family with relation to race, socioeconomic class, gender, and marital status. And in pre-WW11, how would the changes in traditional families affect women's rights?

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1. What are some differences in family since the 1950's to the present? Watching television shows from the 1950's and 1960's is a great way to see the way families were in those eras; the father/husband was the one who went to work daily while the mother/wife remained in the home to see the children off to school and participate in most school programs and meetings and fundraisers. Children rarely came home from school to be alone without the mother present to cook the family meal(s) and engage the children in communication and homework. However, most often, the father was the one who delivered punishment after he got home of there was some problem with the ...

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Discusses some changes in the American family from the 1950's to current

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