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The Societal Function of Using Racial Categories

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I need some help in answering the following questions:

What societal function does using racial categories serve? Illustrate your answer with examples.

What are the possible negative social consequences of using the terms Hispanic or Latin American to name individuals or groups?

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This solution of 299 words explains the societal function of racial categories with examples as well as the possible negative social consequences of the terms 'Hispanic' or 'Latin America' in naming individuals or groups.

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The question of raciality and the categorization of social groups by race and ethnicity has served both positive and negative functions in society. Primarily the use of such distinctions has been relegated most positively to scientific study in the areas of medicine and health, where such information provided can be useful in the development of treatment of diseases which may be found to be prevalent among certain groups. An example of this is sickle cell anemia. Though defined as a ...

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