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    Marriage and family

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    I need help in answering these questions on marriage and family:
    1. Suppose that you were faced with a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Explain the process that you would use to choose knowledgeably as explained in your text. Include in your discussion the major components of knowledgeable decision making.

    2. How has immigration affected the racial and ethnic diversity among American families? How do undocumented immigrants affect this picture? How has the increase in immigration affected social policy in the United States?

    3. In reference to how the concept is used in discussing family violence, what is power? Distinguish between legitimate power and coercive power. Give an example of each.

    4. More and more families today are choosing to work for employers who are sensitive to the needs of families. More and more businesses are choosing to adopt "family friendly" work policies because they realize that these policies not only benefit the employee, but also contribute to higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and higher employee morale.
    a. Describe a variety of strategies that companies could adopt that would be more responsive to the needs of families.
    b. Suggest reasons why it is impossible for all businesses to adopt the same "family-friendly" work policies.

    5. What are the major gender differences in the provision of eldercare? Why are these differences significant? Give several examples to support your answer.

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    1. The first part of the process is to decide what the problem is. Unplanned pregnancies mean different things to different people. For some there is no problem. Others cannot afford to raise a child or another child. Some people find their religion is the issue or their situation makes it difficult to raise a child. Each of these must be thought through and the problems decided upon. Gather information about the problem, how others have handled the issue, how successful it was, what options are available for help. The more information, the more informed the decision. From this problem, once it is established, the alternatives are considered. Alternatives offered can meet the requirements of one or more elements of the problem. These alternatives are weighed as to their importance and how they will affect the overall outcomes.
    Making a decision also calls for reflecting on how much better or worse it will be for the outcome when compared to alternatives. Sometimes the decision needs to incorporate several alternatives, or more information is necessary. Make the decision and follow through with the solution. Make sure to evaluate how the decision is working out, where there need to be changes, and how to affect a better solution when things are not going well.
    Seek help when necessary and during the decision making process, because others often have experience and knowledge that ...

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