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Changed by Experience: New Viewpoints

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I need guidance. Please Help. I don't know how to approach the problem indicated below:

Discuss an experience in which someone helped you see something in a different way, and the consequences.

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The solution below is based on my own experience. I hope it helps you understand what a change in perspective means & its consequences & benefits. Good Luck.

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Realizing my Prejudices & Shortcomings

As a history major in my undergraduate days, I took up African History as part of my electives. I have concentrated on Asian, & Western History and I thought expanding my knowledge on said subject is an advantage. I have always fancied myself as a fairly open-minded individual, non-judgemental before all the facts are laid down; I am more concerned about the consent, not the cover, so to speak. That year, we had a visiting professor from Nigeria, Dr. Saliba James. On the first few days of the course, he asked us to write an essay about what we know of Africa, our opinions of it and our sources, we weren't allowed to research and put together materials for references, he wanted us to present how we see Africa and what we know of it as we did. I began my essay as such -

"Africa is a continent that is inhospitable to its ...

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The solution provides a concise explanation in a short essay following the APA format via example a reflective narrative that explores how experience can change perspectives. The topic taken on is a realization of personal prejudices following a life changing event. It is attached as a wordfile for easy printing.