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    Slavery, reparations, civil rights and presidents

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    I started on this but I don't if I did anything of this right or wrong so if you can please me I really appreciate it very and I am going to add and attach with what I got so please help me

    Click on the link at the bottom of this assignment. Read the material carefully (including quotations on slavery from each president), and write a 3-5 page paper (double-spaced) answering the following questions:
    1. Did you already know how many slaves the presidents held?
    2. Were you surprised by any of the information you read?
    3. Why isn't this information more widely known and taught?
    4. How does prejudice influence the historical record?
    5. Is it fair to judge presidents who lived a long time ago?
    6. Does the slave record of U.S. presidents matter today?
    7. Should Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 bill? Why?
    8. Do you favor U.S. government reparations for slavery? Why?

    Hold down the control key (Ctrl) key on your keyboard while you click this link.

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    I read your paper and think you are headed in the right direction, but will add my own answers to help you expand your point of view.
    1. Yes I did know, but honestly thought some of them owned more. I am more curious about why some did not, such as John and John Quincy Adams. Was it a societal thing or a religious idea? Or was the choice more personal?
    2. I might have been surprised forty years ago, when some of these facts were not as widely available. I think some people are surprised, but mostly because they have refused, to this point, to acknowledge the facts because they do not conform to their own beliefs or feel comfortable acknowledging them.
    3. I think it is becoming more widely known. Change is slow, especially when the elitest group is shown in a poor light. More people ...

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    An essay review including review of a website about the slavery issues of the 1800's. Included are the opinions and ideas of the reviewer and the TA. Interesting Website questionnaire.