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Scientific Method Matrix

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Complete the following matrix based on a social problem of your choice. The matrix will serve as a guide for creating a preliminary plan for the basic steps of the scientific method.

Scientific Method Matrix
Social problem - Identify a social problem of your choice.

Problem definition - A problem statement is often written as a research question. Limit the problem statement to one sentence.

Example: Does going to college worth the time and money?

Operational definition - Develop operational definitions for two abstract concepts in the problem statement that you believe are measurable and subject to change under different conditions. Create the operational definitions so another researcher can understand and assess your definition of the abstract concepts. Limit your definitions to one sentence each.

Example: For purposes of this study, schooling is defined as the ¬¬¬¬number of completed grade levels in public education institutions. For purposes of this study, pay off is defined as an increase in income level.

Literature review - Conduct a short literature review of one peer-reviewed article pertaining to the chosen social problem. Include an APA citation of the article.

Speculative hypothesis - Formulate a speculative hypothesis statement about the relationship between the operationally defined variables. Suggest how one variable is expected to influence the other. The hypothesis must clearly identify which variable you believe will predict or cause a change in the other?this is the independent variable?and which variable's actions or change will be dependent on change in the other?this is the dependent variable.

Independent variable - Identify the independent variable (IV), which is the variable that you hypothesize will cause or influence the other variable.

Dependent variable - Identify the dependent variable (DV), which is the variable that you hypothesize will change due to the influence or presence of the independent variable.

Hypothesis - Write the hypothesis in the form of an if-then statement.

Example: If the grade level of schooling is related to the level of income, then a change in the grade levels of schooling (IV) will affect a change in the level of income (DV).

Major research design - Identify the major research design?including the interview survey, questionnaire survey, observation, experiment, and existing sources?you would use to collect and analyze your research data and information. Explain why you believe this is the best research design for your research problem.

Conclusion - Suggest a preliminary conclusion to the problem based on the author or researcher's information or results in the one literature review article. Limit the conclusion to one paragraph.

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Scientific method matrix is examined. The expert identifies a social problem as to if college is worth the time and money.

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Scientific Method Matrix

Social Problem:

An example of a social problem is the increase in the levels of insecurity ion countries which lack unemployment compensation programs.

Problem Definition:

Does lack of unemployment compensation programs increase the levels insecurity in countries?

Operational Definition:

For the purpose of this study, insecurity is defined as an increase in the levels of illegal activities which are taking place in a country. For the purpose of this study, unemployment is defined as the increase in the numbers of people who are not in gainful employment.

Literature Review:

Unemployment within developing countries is associated to different risks such as the risk of inequality which is known to be high in democratic countries than in countries with a dictatorial leadership. The overall levels of the risks of unemployment ...

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