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Hungarian method, integer programming and probability

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1. Which of the following are synonyms?

Hungarian method, Flood's technique, and reduced matrix method
Hungarian method, MODI, and Vogel's approximation method
northwest corner rule, MODI, and reduced matrix method
stepping-stone method, reduced matrix method, and northwest corner rule

2. A model containing a linear objective function and linear constraints but requiring that one or more of the decision variables take on an integer value in the final solution is called ________________

a goal programming problem.
an integer programming problem.
a nonlinear programming problem.
a multiple objective LP problem.

3. A collection of all state probabilities for a given system at any given period of time is called the

transition probabilities.
vector of state probabilities.
fundamental matrix.
equilibrium condition.

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1. Hungarian method, Flood's technique, and reduced matrix method ...

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