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    Types of Longitudinal Study

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    Think of a simple topic that can be studied longitudinally. (Remember you need a topic that deals with changes that occur over some period of time. For instance, how often do students change jobs or careers after they graduate from college? You can only use this topic if no one else has used it in the discussion forum so far.) Which type of longitudinal study design would you recommend for this topic and why? What makes this the preferred design? If this design were not feasible for some reason, what would be your second choice for a study design and why?

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    One topic that can be studied longitudinally is how often do individuals change jobs? Today's work environment has changed on both the end of the employee and that of the employer. Employees move around from job to job seeking a good fit, while employers are demanding good work ethics and better customer satisfaction. The three types of longitudinal study are: 1. Panel Study-Cross sectional study of different groups at different stages. 2. Cohort Study-where the subjects have something specific in common, such age, gender or experience. 3. Retrospective study-as the name ...

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    Choosing the right type of study is important to a researcher. Within the longitudinal study design, there are various types of study that may or may not be appropriate for the research at hand.