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Empirical Research Study

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Please provide me with a detailed example of an empirical research study so that I can have a better understanding of it.

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An example of an empirical research study would be a psychologist entering a prison dormitory and observing the 100 inmates housed in that dormitory, in order to ...

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Empirical Research Articles from Positive Psychology Journal


Select a topic of your choice related to Positive Psychology.
Find 2 empirical research articles (from full-text empirical research journals) from the positive psychology literature on this topic. "Empirical Research Articles" and "Empirical Research Articles from Positive Psychology Journal.
These articles can be used. Articles can also be found in psychARTICLES is the best source of reliable empirical journals. Do not use JSTOR because it is not as current and does not have the quality of research needed for this paper.

Compare and contrast the information from each article on this topic; information needs to be integrated (not a separate report of each) with specific references to each article on how the information compares and contrasts.

Information needs to be discussed point-by-point as to how it compares or contrast.

Discuss the similarities and differences in the methods used for the research in the 2 empirical articles.

Discuss your observations and conclusions as to the contribution of this research to the field of positive psychology.

Articles need to be submitted with the paper.

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