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    Sociology links between the individual and society

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    I need assistance with the assignment that is attached. I am not very good in this subject so it is hard for me to write a 2-3 pages concerning this subject. I need to cite my work and must be original.

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    I have outlined a response for you. I have also provided three references. You might want to find some statistics on the increase in violence and domestic violence during the time of high unemployment in the last decade.

    Being unemployed

    Being unemployed can turn into a personal failure, especially if it is difficult to find new work. The unemployed is left to try to pay bills and support the family without the previous income, causing more frustration and feelings of failure. For example, I supported seven people by working three jobs. I was laid off from my day job working for a drafting company, my night job as a professor a month later, and was left with only a minimal income tutoring job. My regular employment opportunities were difficult if not impossible to replace in the economy of 2008-2009. I could no longer support all the people I had been supporting, including grandchildren. Because my husband was disabled, we had to apply for food stamps and ...

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    An overview of sociological imagination used to find the links between the individual and society when faced with unemployment. References included.