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Crime as a Social Construct

•What does the idea of crime as a social construct mean to you?

•How do the authors argue that this definition is initially constructed in such a way that some groups are able to avoid the stigma of negative social behavior within the context of crime?

•How do patterns of discrimination filter upward in the criminal justice system, even if sentencing is objectively determined (that is, the judge has no discretion; sentencing is predetermined based on objective characteristics such as type of crime, number of previous convictions, severity of the crime)?

•Should some time worn ideas, such as bail or public defenders, be reconsidered after considering Reiman's comments on this element of the legal system?

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The idea of crime as a social construct seems to mean that the way that society is constructed lends itself to the development of criminal activity. In essence the pathways by which to gain upward mobility and resources seems to be blocked for some individuals due to the fact that there are not enough jobs for everyone for example, and the frustration that is caused by the inability to ...