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Analysis of the book "Sleepers" written by L. Carcaterra

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I would like someone's thoughts on the book "Sleepers" written by Lorenzo Carcaterra.

How do I tackle the attached questions?

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The solution helps analyze the book "Sleepers" written by Lorenzo Carcaterra and answers student questions. Please view the attachments for the assignment and response. The text contains 1153 words.

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John and Tommy:

1. How were family and educational supports different for Tommy and John vs. Michael and Shakes? (Look hard at the agents of socialization of each boy other then their group.)
During the story's era, Hell's Kitchen was ruled by two vastly different powers: the mob (represented by gangster King Benny) and the Catholic Church (represented by Father Bobby). Every child learned to respect both, and live by a simple creed: never commit a crime against someone else in the neighborhood. Such offenses were not permitted; the people of Hell's Kitchen looked after one another.

In effect, the abuse and lack of communication and support that John and Tommy suffered had a considerable impact on the molding of their character. However, as one of Carcaterra's characters reflects on their eventual destruction: "It wasn't the allure of drugs or gangs that led them to stray. You couldn't blame their fall on the harsh truth of Hell's Kitchen. There was only one place to blame." That place would be the Wilkinson Home for Boys.

You can't help but like the four boys - youthful, mischievous and faithful - 'My friends and I were inseparable, happy and content to live within the closed world of Hell's Kitchen'. Each of them has their own different personalities - the brains, the dominant figure, the legs, the sensitive one, and their own problems at home - domestic abuse. All of this makes them a strong bonded team.

After the home, the boys are forever changed, two of them not strong enough now to resist the life of crime and are founders of a violent gang - 'The deadliest gang to invade the neighborhood since the Pug Uglies'. ...

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