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Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System

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Describe the characteristics of the Juvenile Court system in Pennsylvania. Include information on the following topics:

* Types of courts
* General characteristics of the courts
* Jurisdiction of the court
* Court alternatives

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Types of Juvenile Courts

Juveniles are seen in court for a variety of reasons as a juvenile in the state of Pennsylvania - all except for murder. Juveniles in Pennsylvania who are accused of murder are tried as an adult and seen in the adult court system.

Examples of incidents that juveniles are seen for in court include underage drinking, truancy, and disorderly conduct. These children are seen in District court before a judge except for in the city of Philadelphia where juveniles are seen in Municipal Court.

If a child is 15 years of age or older at the time of the offense and a deadly weapon was used, the following crimes causes them to be tried as an adult:

involuntary deviate ...

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Characteristics of the juvenile justice system in the state of Pennsylvania.

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