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    Socialization and Criminal Behavior

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    Research the biography of Gary Leon Ridgway (The Green River Killer or John Wayne Gacy.

    Discuss the link between socialization references and the theories.

    Include the following points:
    1. What kind of family life might the criminal have had?
    2. What educational background did he have?
    3. What type of peer relations did he have?
    4. What measures, if any, might have been taken to avoid this crime?
    5. In your opinion, how strong is the link between social forces and crime? Explain your answer.

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    This is based on the biography of Gary Leon Ridgway

    1) He had a very controlling mother who dominated the household. She was never content with Gary and was always critical of her husband. He also had further dysfunctional relationships with women including his three wives and prostitutes. The relationships were filled with physical abuse and infidelity on both sides of the relationship.

    2) Ridgway was not a good student and was sent to Vietnam after High School only to come back and become a painter for trucks.

    3) He had friends but his most vital ...