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Socialization and Criminal Behavior

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I have chosen Jeffery Dahmer and have found interesting articles. I just need some help organizing it and help figuring out the socialization aspect.

Locate a criminal from one of the following links: Serial Killers, Notorious Murder Cases, Gangsters and Outlaws, The Criminal Mind, or Terrorists, Spies and Assassins. Read the biography of your chosen criminal. Discuss the link between socialization references in the research you conduct and the theories in the text. The biography may not explicitly make the link, so read carefully. You may use additional resources to research the criminal.

Include the following points:

a. What kind of family life might the criminal have had?

b. What educational background did he or she have?

c. What type of peer relations did he or she have?

d. What measures, if any, might have been taken to avoid this crime?

e. In your opinion, how strong is the link between social forces and crime? Explain your answer.

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In reference to Jeffrey Dahmer and preparing to write a paper, this solution provides a detailed outline for structure and thoroughly discusses the impact of socialization on this criminal behavior displayed by Dahmer. Active links to other material on Dahmer are also provided.