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    Ethical concerns when expectations and ground rules change

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    What are the ethical concerns when expectations and or ground rules are changed in the middle of counseling sessions? What are the possible consequences for the client and or provider when this happens?

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    Expectations and ground rules cover both the client and the worker. The atmosphere is set during the intake interview. The worker has the task of taking the client through a thorough intake during the first or second meeting. During that time, the client will give the worker a clue to what he or she expects and needs, and in return, the worker will let the client know what can be expected from him or her.

    Part of every first or second meeting must include ground rules dictated by the worker, the organization being worked under, and the ethical standards of the professional organization of social workers. This is where ethics begin to come ...

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    This solution discusses the possible concerns and consequences when expectations and ground rules change in the midst of counseling. The client's view and the practitioner's views are discussed. An example is give and the text contains 445 words.