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    Humanitarian Justice in Darfur

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    After reading the attached article, can you please tell me:

    Should humanitarian concerns take priority over justice in Darfur? Why or why not?

    Responding to the Remnants of Genocide

    Darfur is a barren, mountainous region in western Sudan, which is south of the Sahara. Arabs (largely nomads) and Black villagers (some of whom are also Muslim) generally lived in peace unit non-Arab tribes joined together to rebel against the Sudanese government in 2003. Sudanese authorities in the capital of Khartoum retaliated by arming militias - the Janjaweed - and turning them loose to empty the region of African civilians. The Janjaweed, equipped with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, overwhelmed local patrols armed with bows and arrows and spears. They then engaged in an orgy of rape, killing and looting, leaving nothing but corpses and smoldering ashes in their wake. Between 300,000 and 400,000 people died in the region, and 3 million fled to refugee camps. The number of deaths dropped dramatically after six years, not due to the intervention of world governments, but largely because there were so few civilians left to murder. "Remnants of genocide" remain, however, as displaced Sudanese struggle to survive and rival Arab militias and rebel groups battle one another. At the same time, civil was in southern Sudan (ended through a peace settlement) threatens to reignite.
    The humanitarian crisis in Darfur sparked a massive relief effort. Ten thousand aid workers from the United Nations and 13 other humanitarian.

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    The concept posed in this situation is in many ways not a unique one, when considering political history. The U.S., as well as other nations and even substantial social groups such as non-profit organizations and religious orders, have almost constantly had to deal with this sort of question. One good example prior to Darfur would be the genocide situation in Bosnia, about two decades earlier, or the persecution of Nazi war criminals throughout the latter half of the 20th Century.

    As in Darfur, in those situations people ...

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    The concept of humanitarian justice is discussed in brief using the recent situation in Darfur as a prime, paradigmatic example.