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Trinity: Accessing God Through Christ

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1) Is it accurate to say that some people (both nominal Christians and professing Christians) believe that they can have a relationship with the Father directly without going through Christ first utilizing the Holy Spirit?

2) How can this be applied to a believer's Personal, Practical, and Ministry Work?

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I think it's accurate to say that some people who think of themselves as Christians have a relationship in that regard; however, I also think it would be inaccurate, and religiously misleading, to in effect call such people actual Christians, since their religious mindset would allow for them not to have any reliance upon, knowledge of, or obedience to Christ at all. What might be more accurate to term them is "open", but a number of options exist throughout other religions. My personal choice is one that the New Testament uses, and that term would be "God-fearer." ...

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The approaches to ministry to differing potential groups within Christianity as regards doctrinal understanding are discussed in brief.

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