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    Council of Nicea and the Council of Chalcedon

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    What was the major question addressed by the Council of Nicea and what were the Nicene doctrine and its alternatives ? What was the major question addressed by the Council of Chalcedon,and what were the Chalcedonian doctrine and its alternatives? What significance do these two answers have for contemporary Christian life and practice?

    Please provide 4 paragraphs of answers.

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    Council of Nicea and Council of Chalcedon,

    1. Council of Nicea was the first "ecumenical council- universal meeting" of bishops. So, to properly understand the major questions this Council addressed, one needs to understand the climate and context of the council. This events occurs after many years of persecution. So the bishops have probably never met each other. Their knowledge of each other is through hearsay or writings. Many of these bishops have suffered extensively for the faith by persecution from the state. Constantine- a political figure is the presider over the Council. Thus, this is an euphoric atmosphere- a time of reconciliation among nations and hope for opportunities to expand the Christian faith.

    2. They addressed questions regarding election and ordination of presbyters and bishops. But the most important question was over the Arian controversy- Trinitarian doctrine.
    i. Arian was not a bishop so he did not attend, but his representative was Eusebius of Nicomdiea. Against him was Alexander of Alexandria who condemned Arian ...

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