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God's Love and Wrath

In Kevin J. Vanhoozer's (Editor) book Nothing Greater, Nothing Better: Theological Essays on the Love of God; Dr. Tony Lane of London Bible College writes about the neglect of the wrath of God. Lane makes the statement saying "We need not balance God's wrath with his love, as rival attributes, but because God's love itself implies his wrath. Without his wrath God is simply not loving in the sense that the Bible portrays his love."

1.) Can you please elaborate a bit on the subject of "Without God's wrath He is simply not loving in the sense that the Bible portrays His love"?

2.) How might understanding this better apply to one's personal, practical, and ministry work?

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Thanks again very much for the question!

I'm intrigued by this statement, and I can certainly understand being receptive to it. Perhaps someone like Lane is able to make this statement because, in their experience, or perhaps even in Scripture, Lane sees what he would call wrath being handed to people who disobey or are simply anti-God (which certainly happens) and yet he sees real love both in God's relationship with Israel and in the gift of Christ's incarnation, sacrifice and resurrection. For someone who agrees with this statement, or makes it in the first place, it is unnatural to think of something as either multi-faceted or unbalanced. In other words, you ...

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God's love and wrath are discussed in brief, in response to a particular view of balanced opposition.