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    An Islamic quote

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    You will be provided the opportunity to respond to particular pieces of art, video, or quotes by providing a responsive, thoughtful blog that answers the questions posed to you. You may also attach pictures or audio clips or you tube links to things that have inspired you in your answer.

    --Art and quotes can often be a great way to evoke thoughts from us. The selection you see here (3rd picture down) is of a potters bowl that provides exquisite detail and quite an interesting quote with it. "It is said that he is content with his own opinion runs into danger. Blessing to the owner." Respond to your thoughts about the plate and why the quote would be most relevant to appear on such an item?--


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    Of course, you must respond to your own thoughts, and what you think about this particular piece of art. However, I will give you my thoughts and maybe that will help you to reflect on your own.

    This particular piece of art is from the eleventh century; believed to be from northern Iran. When looking at this bowl, one is immediately struck by it beauty and intricate work. It's quite easy to forget the age of such a piece and assume it is relatively modern; after all, with all of our modern technology such things are made possible. Right? Well, we often forget how artistically gifted ancient cultures were, as well as their abilities to construct great edifices. As mentioned this piece is ...

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    An Islamic quote is interpreted using art as a springboard.