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Jesus and the Roman Authorities

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Describe the events that created conflict between Jesus and the Jewish and Roman authorities during his last week before death. Also describe the Jewish and Roman phases of Jesus' trial. Which parts of this trial were contrary to Jewish law?

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The disputes between Jesus and the Jewish and Roman authorities include the Jews being referred to those who are unbelievers (John 5-12). Jesus accuses them of failing to worship God, failing to understand what was taught by Moses., and even went so far to refer to them as "Children of Satan", and not Children of Abraham (Jn. 8:39-47). This created grater hostility particularly when Jesus states that he is the Son of the Living God (Jn. 8:12-50; Matt. 26:64¬). Jewish people counter that Jesus is not from God because he bears witness about himself. Failing to convict Jesus by His own words, they brought people to bear false witnesses ...

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This solution describes tehe conflicts between Jesus and Roman authorities before His death. It discusses the Roman phases of Jesus' trial.

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