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Is Religion Illogical?

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It is true that we tend to believe what we want to believe and logic might not have a lot to do with it. On the other hand, I know many religious people who are very logical. Is religion really "illogical"? If so, how can so many people, who are otherwise very logical, embrace religion so enthusiastically? Could it be that many religions are largely "logical" but require some "leaps of faith" at certain, critical points?

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This solution discusses whether religion is illogical. It discusses why people who are otherwise logical embrace religion so enthusiastically, and the "leaps of faith" required by religion a critical points. The explanation is given in 241 words.

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Because human beings tend to believe what they want to believe, logic is sometimes pushed to the cerebral backburner. The religious tend to offer good examples of this phenomenon. An example of this might be the manner in which religious scientists explain the creation of the universe. Though each individual has his own way of describing the phenomenon of ...

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