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    The Five Pillars of Islam

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    Describe the belief in the five pillars of Islam and their meaning to Muslims.

    Describe how your life would be different if you practiced one of these pillars of faith.

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    The Five Pillars of Islam

    1. Faith that Allah is God, that there is no other God, and that Muhammad is the true prophet of Allah and the final and greatest of all the prophets. This is the most important declarative statement to a Moslem. It is his statement and declaration of faith.

    2. Five daily prayers (before dawn, noon, afternoon, after sunset, and evening) including cleansing oneself with water. It is not merely a repetition of the statement of faith, but "time out" during ...

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    I provide an easy to follow summary of the five pillars of faith (in simple text format) with an explanation of how you can imagine your life being changed if you practiced one of them.