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    A Brief Overview of Islam

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    Islam Religion

    I need the following information for the religion: Judaism

    Cosmogony - Origin of the Universe
    Nature of God/Creator
    View of Human Nature
    View of Good & Evil
    View of Salvation
    View of After Life
    Practices and Rituals
    Celebrations & Festivals

    Please provide sources

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    I need the following information for the religion: Islam

    Cosmogony - Origin of the Universe
    There is harmony between science and Islam's view of the origin of the universe.

    "Allah it is Who created the heavens and earth, and that which between them, in six days..." (Qu'ran Chapter 32: Verse 4)

    "Then He ordained them seven heavens in two days..." (Qu'ran 41:12)

    And "...Him Who created the earth in two days..." (Qu'ran 41:9)

    Qu'ran 41:11 "Then turned He to the heaven when it was (merely) smoke..." According to scientific study, stars and planets are formed from the "smoke-like" elements in the universe.

    Qu'ran 51:47 "We have built the heaven with mighty force and We have most certainly expanded it."

    Islam references the Big Bang and accepts that the universe is constantly expanding which is the widely accepted modern theory of the universe.

    Qu'ran 70:28 "He raised its (the heaven's) height and brought order to it." This refers to an expanse away from the earth.

    Nature of God/Creator
    Islam believes in one god, thus it is a monotheistic faith. God's ("Allah") nature is understood within the concept of "Tawhid" which means "oneness."

    The four verses of the Surah Ikhlas in Chapter 112 of the Qu'ran:
    "Say: He is Allah,
    The One and Only.
    "Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.
    "He begets not, nor is He begotten.
    And there is none like unto Him."

    Allah has absolute existence which is not like humans who have temporal or conditional existence. God is merciful and compassionate.

    View of Human ...

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