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Literary and higher critical views of Samuel.

What are the literary and higher critical views of I Samuel 8-13 and II Samuel 1, 6-7, 10-13, and 22?

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You will need to first examine the background of the Book of Samuel so that the context of these passages can be understood. The Book is dealing with the end of the judges period, and the first kings of Israel/Judaea.
<br>From a literary perspective, focus on the narrative. 1 Sam 8-13 begins with Samuel as an old man. Samuel has appointed his sons to succeed him, but the people demand a king. God directs Samuel to choose Saul to be the king. By 1 Sam 13, however, things are unraveling for Saul. He has made a peace offering, in fear of the Philistines, and therefore has forgotten God's promise that Israel shall always be protected and ...