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Marist vs. Samuel Smiles

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Please provide ideas/suggestions/information on the following questions:

1. How would a Marxist reply to the views of author Samuel Smiles?

2. What would a Marxist disagree on?

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This solution examines how a Marxist might react to the work of Samuel Smiles and what the Marxist might disagree with. References are provided.

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1. How would a Marxist react to the work of Samuel Smiles? How would a Marxist reply to the views of author Samuel Smiles? What would a Marxist disagree on?
Before we look at the questions, let's look briefly at some of Smiles views. I highlighted in red bold print the values, both the virtue and vices, that he saw as important to individual character growth:
a. Important figures that Smiles wrote about are well known; equally important figures that he did not give the full-length treatment to, such as Joseph Locke, have remained neglected until recent times. It is often said that Smiles ignored I. K. Brunel because he was as unlike a 'Smilesian' hero as it is possible to be. Whether or not this is the case, Smiles did write at some length about the Brunels, father and son, although he did so in a periodical, the Quarterly Review (1862), rather than in volumes of industrial biography. "I wrote The life of George Stephenson simply because I immensely admired the man, his perseverance, his noble-mindedness, his great railway works. I found from Robert Stephenson that no other person was likely to write his father's life, and I determined, so far as I could, to supply the defect".
b. In May 1840 he became secretary to the Leeds Parliamentary Reform Association but his support for Chartism waned and he began to form his theory of developing the self, which eventually found expression in his book Self-Help (1859).
c. In 1842 he left the Leeds Times and became Secretary of the ...

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