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    Song of Solomon: The literary and higher critical views. Additional resources provided.

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    What are the literary and higher critical views on Song of Solomon?

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    This is a difficult one, due to the obscurity of the book.
    The Song of Solomon is a love poem. A good synopsis of the story and its characters can be found at: http://www.pbc.org/dp/stedman/adventure/0222.html
    I encourage you to check out this web page yourself. The page also contains the virtues of marriage and relationships (it is written by an envangelist). The important thing to note about the Song is that it can be read on at least two levels - a romance between a man and a woman, and a relationship between the Israelite nation and God. You need to ask yourself this question - would a poem that was meant to be read simply as an affair between a man and a woman (even involving the ...

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    What the literary and higher critical views on Song of Solomon is given.