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Piaget v/s Vygotsky: Compared and Contrasted

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Compare and contrast Piaget and Vygotsky in generalities, and also in terms of child development, learning standards and curriculum, social/emotional, cultural, and behavioral issues. How do these theories affect development and education?

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Each topic is addressed below. Following many of the statements are numbers (#) which correspond to the sources listed at the end.

General Overview: Compare & Contrast of Theories:
*Both men have very sound theories and both aspects of both can be applied to education successfully (my opinion).
- P is a constructivist (children learn by fitting new information into pre-existing schema (1), while V is called both a behavorist and/or a constructivist, depending on who you ask (2)
- P: development occurs in four phases: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete, formal operations V: no set stages (1)
- Both generally would agree that children are active in learning process, rote learning and memorization is bad, whole language is promoted, students should collaborate, learning should be relevant ...

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Compare Vygotsky and Piaget

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