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Beck Depression Inventory Test

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A clinician often thinks of assessment. A new dilemma has been created. Read on...take the test if you wish.


The Beck Depression Inventory is a frequently used quick screening test for depression. It is possible to find the test online. The website says "The BDI was originally developed to detect, assess, and monitor changes in depressive symptoms among people in a mental health care setting. It is also used to detect depressive symptoms in a primary care setting. The BDI usually takes between five and ten minutes to complete as part of a psychological or medical examination. "

I wonder should it be possible to find this type of test on-line? Will it assist people in seeking treatment?

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I am sure that the BDI can be found several places online, I know one place is http://www.cawt.com/Site/11/Documents/Members/Evaluation/BeckDepressionInventory1.pdf This is the complete test with scoring at the end.

I think it is good because sometimes people may think that "feeling down in the ...

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Beck depression inventory tests are assessed.