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Psychological Theory Development Variables

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These following three dimensions below are new terms to me.

1) What is the main purpose of three different dimensions?

2) Do each one have important part in researching or evaluating something that a person needs to know before they do their research?

3) What impact do the three different dimensions below have upon the research process?

These are three different dimensions that I am referring too.

• Mechanistic Explanations versus Functional Explanations
• Qualitative Theory versus Quantitative Theory
• Descriptive Theory versus Analogical Theory versus Fundamental Theories

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This solution describes different variables involved in psychological theory development.

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1) It appears that the main purpose of the three different dimensions is to provide the means by which to analyze and explain psychological theories from differing perspectives. This provides the means by which to analyze and interpret theories from different angles and research perspectives, as well as to be able to explain the results of research experiments from a ...

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