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    Milgram's Experiment Today

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    Please explain (in your own words, but supported by scholarly research) whether current research support or refute Milgram's (1963) findings in regards to conformity/obedience to authority.

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    In 1963, Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment which focused on the conflict between obedience to those of authority and a person's own person conscience. He chose male participants from Yale University to act as the "teacher", while one of Milgram's associates acted as the "leaner". The "teacher" was given the job of administering electric shock ranging from the lowest shock at 15 volts, a severe shock at 375 volts, to a lethal shock at 450 volts. Because the "learner" was an associate, they were to act as if the alleged shocks were slightly painful to intensely painful, and to even complain of heart pain for the more intense shocks. These shocks were administered by the "teacher" by flipping a series of 15 switches. The "teacher" was to ask the "learner" a question based on a specific list, and to administer an electric shock for every incorrect answer (1). If the "learner" did not answer, the teacher was to consider the answer incorrect and administer the shock. If the "teacher" hesitated to administer the shocks, the experimenter, or person in charge would pressure him to ...

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    Discusses how Milgram's experiment would be compared to things happening today and if the experiment were done today, what would be results possibly be.