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    Milgram Experiment

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    Most psychology textbooks use the Milgram experiment as a way to describe conformity and obedience. There are significant ethical flaws in the experiment, which make it inappropriate by current standards. However, it does lead to some interesting thoughts regarding obedience and conformity.

    Explain the experiment in detail and describe why it worked. Based on your understanding of the social norms during the time of the experiment and those that exist now, do you think that this type of experiment could be repeated? Discuss whether or not the participants would agree to be part of the experiment.

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    Milgram was intrigued why people conform and obey authority "when they knew that as a result innocent third persons would be harmed" (http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_kassin_in_modules/30/7688/1968190.cw/content/index.html). During his experiments, volunteers thought they were participating in a study about the effects of punishment on learning. The "teachers" administered electric shocks of increasing intensity ...

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    Milgram's experiment is briefly summarized and explained in terms of contemporary ethics.