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    Harm Reduction and Practice

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    (1.) Provide a review of the main principles and ideas supporting harm reduction. As a therapist, will you be supportive of the principles of harm reduction? Outline what you see to be the most significant benefits and detriments to harm reduction.

    (2.) Excluding harm reduction, provide a review of the helping strategies. Indicate what you view as the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. In terms of practical application, which do you feel would be most useful to your clinical population?

    Please provide APA References.

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    So, as it relates to Substance Related Disorders, the theory of harm reduction has often been described as coming from the integration of the formerly disconnected world of psychology along with the related techniques of relapse prevention. What is really important to take from this theory is that among other things, that clients are accepted into treatment at various levels of substance use, which means outpatient, inpatient, or partial hospitalization. Moreover, that continued use is not the criteria for the ending of treatment. Some clients at the point of assessment declare their use to be often problematic, and some complain that they are only coming in to please a judge. ...

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    This solution of 426 words discusses the main principles and ideas behind harm reduction as well as a review of the helping strategies.