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concepts of use and misuse and abuse

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What is the difference among the concepts of use and misuse and abuse and dependence? Give an example of these concepts. You can use examples of celebrity's behavior or examples from people you know (need at least 200 words and a reference).

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As you explore the differences, use refers to the act of using for a purpose or the habitual patterns. The late-Amy Winehouse exemplifies one whose drug use took her life.

Research defines use as "to expend or consume something, often until none is left; to consume something regularly, especially drugs or alcohol; and to benefit or get satisfaction from something (Encarta, 2005). There are two distinctions: recreational use and habitual use" (http://www.womensrecoverynetwork.com/downloads/Use-Abuse-Dependence.pdf).

On the other ...

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This solution briefly contrasts the differences among the concepts of use and misuse and abuse and dependence. It also cites references for these concepts.