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Anxiety Disorders and Treatment Planning Work Efforts

This is a fictitious case history that you assisted me with previously. I am now working on the Treatment Plan for this case. All I would like you to do is tell me if I diagnose the problem correctly with the axis, if not can you please change it. Also, can you please go through each component and see if I address each one fully and completely.

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Client identifying information and client consent to treatment
Client Name: Jane Banks
Gender: Female DOB: March 23, 1968 Race: Black
Address: 3963 Maplewood Drive Atlanta, GA 30035 Phone (404) 371-4256
Evaluation Date: April 20, 2015 Plan Date: May 31, 2015
Employment: Student
Referral source: Community and Social Support of Georgia
The client has given consent to enroll with this treatment plan as part of the arrangement with the social services in her continued bid to have control over her life. Her Consent form is attached below:
I understand that treatment at this clinic may involve discussing relationship, psychological, and/or emotional issues that may at times be distressing. I also understand that this process is intended to help me personally recover from my compulsive behavior. I am going into therapy aware of the demands of the therapy. I understand that I may leave therapy at any time, although I understand that this is best accomplished in consultation with my therapist. I understand therapy sessions are routinely videotaped and/or observed by other Clinic therapists and supervisors as part of their continued research. I understand that all information disclosed within the sessions are kept confidential and are not revealed to anyone outside the Clinic without my written permission unless required by law. I agree to have my sessions videotaped for therapeutic supervision purposes. I understand that videotapes are erased at the end of my treatment unless I have signed the lower part of this form.

Signed: ________________________
Date: _________________________

Client Presenting Problem
Jane Banks is a forty seven year old black female that presents today as a referral from Community and Social Support of Georgia. In speaking with Jane about her referral she indicated that she came in today because she realized that she has a problem that is consuming her life and need help in dealing with it. ...

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